Mind Zone Sessions

Sports Psychologists and Performance Coaches are used in professional golf, the sporting and business world increasingly, producing enhanced performance. They realise that regardless of their individual, level of ability, having the right thought process is a key component to their success and ultimately their results.

Practice makes perfect, right? Well, no, ‘Practice makes permanent’ (as a certain Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo MBE once said). If you practise bad habits, you become very good, even an expert, at doing things badly!

These interactive sessions will enable you to step onto the first tee during your next round of golf, whether that is a club competition, the Saturday Morning Swindle, a social, friendly or indeed a professional tour event, with the best mind-set you could possibly have!

This certainly isn’t a replacement for ‘technical’ golf lessons, but an ESSENTIAL part of the SUCCESSFUL Golfer. The techniques can be used straight away, and will help you make the most effective and efficient use of your time, whether that is on the course, at the golf range, or sitting at your office desk!