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Imagine your best round EVER when you play golf next!

[caption id="attachment_736" align="aligncenter" width="373"] Mindzone Newsletter out NOW![/caption] Can you imagine having the round of your life when you next play golf? Golf can be so frustrating but you can imagine how using the power of your mind can mean the difference between success or failure. How, you may ask, can I use my mind…
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Why you should remember the GOOD shots and BAN the gimme!!

With a few months of hot dry weather and then two weeks of high winds and rain (and lush fairways again) us golfers will always find an excuse for a poor game. Visiting a variety of different clubs over the past few weeks, I do enjoy the stories I hear after the round. As a…
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Who will be in the Mind Zone at The Open?

So with just a couple of weeks to go until the 148th Open Championship at Portrush, Northern Ireland, how many of you have placed bets?  Currently I can get 8/1 on Rory and Brooks, 12/1 on DJ and Tiger!  Really though, even though we can look at form and those players that have history in…
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