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November Update

A November Update for all Mind Zoners on the Golf Course with a Christmas Gift idea! Enjoy.
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The Ryder Cup is here!

Well just how exciting was that first day at The Ryder Cup in France?  After the disappointment of the 2016 Ryder Cup in Hazletine, the Europeans have been desperate to make amends and bounce back.  They didn't need a second chance on Day 1. After a morning session of fourballs, where the American Ryder Cup…
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Create your own GOB File with The Mind Zone

The GOB Files Cast your mind back a few months.  Following a winter that seemed would never end.  With courses closed or playing so long and golf balls plugging in the fairway....we’ve gone all 1976!! With little or no rain since mid-May (and minimal in the last few days) courses are now playing short with…
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