Imagine your best round EVER when you play golf next!

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Can you imagine having the round of your life when you next play golf? Golf can be so frustrating but you can imagine how using the power of your mind can mean the difference between success or failure.

How, you may ask, can I use my mind to play better golf❓

Take a look at this link from The Mind Zone.


✅ There's no need to change your current swing & best of all you can start on your very next round.

Manage your expectations!

Most amateurs, perhaps you too, do not expect to hole a 25 foot putt. There's no reason why you can't hole it (line, length and pace, etc.) but it's generally not expected.  All you hope for is to leave it somewhere near the hole for a tap-in.  As that putt becomes 8 foot or even 3 foot, then the expectation rises that you will hole it. But can you imagine if you DID start to hole more long distance putts?

No one (generally) gets mad at missing a 25 foot putt, but watch what happens when you miss a short putt... and how often does that play on your mind when you are taking the next tee shot?

If you've practised short putts time and time again (and always put some consequence around your practise) then your confidence, belief and probability of holing that next crucial putt goes up massively!

It's always great to COMMUNICATE and I am really interested in how your golf game is progressing.  Thank you for the feedback so far and again, I'm delighted to hear so much progress has been made by Mind Zone attendees that has seen their handicaps reduced.

Can I help you with a part of your game? Drop me a line and let me know.