Ask yourself good questions!

Good questions (and their answers) WILL make you a better player.   I'm excited for the fact, just a few weeks to go of this winter, and we'll soon be in Polo's and shorts again, but first, some questions.

  • What will you commit to, this year, to improve your golf?  
  • How will you tweak or strengthen your game of golf? 
  • Where will you start to make changes?

Three very simple questions with varying answers.  When you think about it, I know you'll agree, that it’s possible that every answer could be different, and all could possibly be correct?

There's nothing better than playing a round of golf with friends, and enjoying yourself.

I’d like to talk this month about asking quality questions of yourself, whilst on the course.  There’s a well known phrase along the lines of ‘The Quality Of Your Life Is Determined By The Quality Of The Questions You Ask.’ Ask great questions and get great answers!

Something that I discuss in detail on Mind Zone sessions and I’d like to share with you now; visualisation.  Visualisation is a tremendous tool, however some golfers tell me they struggle with this. Asking questions of yourself will aid your visualisation techniques.

Next time you are standing on the tee, or over a second or third shot, even a putt… ask yourself the following questions:-

  • What is possible? 
  • What does a good shot look like here?
  • Where do I need to put the ball?
  • Which club will do the job for me?

Think about the answers you give here, and think in particular about one of my favourite words ‘possible’!  The world is full of opportunities and possibilities, you just have to take them.  Is it ‘possible’ to hit a 400 yard drive? Well certainly not me, and all the amateurs I know, and the majority of pro’s, but is it possible to hit a 200 yard shot.  Yes, it’s possible.  On the putting green, is it ‘possible’ that you could hole a 40 foot putt? Yes, absolutely.  Therefore, if the answer to ‘Is it possible’ is a yes, then move on to the next question.  (Incidentally, if it’s a no, then you need to decide where you want to leave the ball, and then proceed with your questions). 

What does a good shot look like? Well, picture the ball flying through the air, maybe with a draw or a fade, and pitching on the front of the green, rolling towards the hole.  That will help you to decide ‘where’ you’d like to put the ball.  Finally, if you know the flag is say, 163 yards away, and you want the ball to land at 151 yards, what club will get you there, given any wind, temperature and terrain.

Ask yourself these questions next time you play and if you could save 1, 2, or 3 shots on a round, how good could that be?

I have some Mind Zone evening sessions arranged for February, March and April.  Take a look on social media or the website for full details, or simply drop me a line.

Good Golfing!