Be more consistent in 2020

If I told you that you could play a golf shot, just like a Tour Golfer… would you believe me?

Well the fact is, you can!

If you are 6 foot from the pin and hole the putt, then a Tour Pro can do no better from that position.

If you chip in, from off the green, a Tour Pro can do no better from that position.

Should you get yourself, a hole-in-one… then again, a Tour Pro can do no better!

So why do I tell you this?  The one key word that makes such a difference is CONSISTENCY! A Tour Pro will make those shots more times than an amateur.  By the same token, that is why we have the handicap system in amateur golf. 

My question is; If you can hit that shot once, successfully, then what stops you doing it again?  Let me answer that for you, you can! It IS possible… but you have to dedicate time, practise, dedication and belief that you can.  I’m often told by golfers, ‘Yeh, but Pro’s practise every day, hitting 400 balls a day on the range or spending hours on the putting green’.  When I ask them how long they practise for, at best it’s an hour on the range once a week and 5 minutes on the putting green before a round of golf!  You see, for the vast majority of amateur golfers, it’s not about becoming a Tour Pro.  It’s about getting better at golf, getting our handicap down, being in the mix in competitions, etc… basically… getting more consistent! 

If you’re like me, I watch as much golf on the TV as I can, certainly during the winter months, and without doubt you will have noticed when a Pro bogies a hole, isn’t it uncanny how they never panic, and often pick up the shot on the next hole with a birdie?  Bounce-back-ability, the commentators call it.  What they are doing, very effectively, is going through their process once more, rather than worrying or regretting their last hole.  Try it, it works! 

I’m delivering a few Mind Zone sessions around the County (and further afield) over the next few months, where I specifically deal with developing a consistent process and practising efficiently.  Why not get yourself along to one? 

Enjoy your golf and just a reminder that next month is MASTERS month. I cannot wait!