Carnage! Brutal! Ridiculous!

Carnage! Brutal! Ridiculous! Just some of the words to describe the 2018 US Open

Players looking for apologies from USGA, it’s a lottery, the greens are impossible, verbal abuse from the gallery.

Yes...we are talking about a golf tournament!! With the antics of Phil Mickelson, on his 48th Birthday and deciding a two shot penalty was a better outcome than having to continue to attempt the next few shots, to the gallery, 'baying' for the world's top golfers balls to roll off the greens into the run off areas!

However when all is said and done.... The player with the strongest mind-set not necessarily the best swing will win the US Open!!

Make sure YOUR mindset is in the best place possible, whether you are a tour player, a professional, an amateur or a person that loves a game of golf once in a while.