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The GOB Files

Cast your mind back a few months.  Following a winter that seemed would never end.  With courses closed or playing so long and golf balls plugging in the fairway....we’ve gone all 1976!! With little or no rain since mid-May (and minimal in the last few days) courses are now playing short with balls running-out forever and some very ‘random’ bounces!! Compare these two extremes...and us golfers can always find an excuse for a poor game. Here at The Mind Zone we’ve heard many stories about how to keep playing well and enjoying golf with the weather in 2018.

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club, Suffolk.

As golfers, we have to accept the course conditions as part and parcel of the game.  Perhaps that’s what makes golf such a brilliant, yet frustrating, sport?

After your next round, whatever the outcome, have you considered talking only about your good shots?  That may be alien to some, as we love a ‘drama’ in the clubhouse!  Who can resist telling everyone you were 4 shots under your handicap until you stuck two balls Out of Bounds! But seriously, this is not good for building up good memories.

Here at The Mind Zone, we want you to go one step further and after each round, actually WRITE DOWN your best three shots.  These could be drives, fairway shots, bunker shots, chips or putts.  It really doesn’t matter, but what is important is to document them.

Writing down is the ‘doing’ part of thinking and actually engrains the detail in our memory bank.  For those that tell us their round was so poor, they didn’t have three good shots, then think again… a six inch putt to finish a hole is a good shot!

The GOB Files!

Create a file, in your own words and handwriting.

For those golfers that seriously want to improve their game, create a GOB file! In this instance, GOB stands for ‘Glimpses Of Brilliance’… and is a fantastic way to create documented evidence, in your own words and handwriting, of your achievements (incidentally, this doesn’t just work for golf).  If you’ve holed a 10 foot downhill putt before (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t), then what will your memories be like standing over the next 10 foot downhill putt? You have clear, fact-based, evidence that will increase your confidence.

Adversely, if you’ve only ever remembered the 3 foot putts that you’ve missed, again, what memories does that evoke when you are standing over that next 3 footer! Let’s be clear here though, it doesn’t ALWAYS guarantee that you will hole every putt.  However, the more confidence and fact-based evidence you have, the greater the possibility will become.  Try it… you have nothing to lose!

Be nice to yourself!

Be kind to the way you talk to yourself, it can lead to all kinds of possibilities.  For those that watched The Open, the 147th from Carnousitie, you can see these top pro’s drawing on previous evidence. Justin Rose, HAVING to hole the putt on the 18th for Birdie just to make the cut. (Perhaps he was thinking back to the 17th hole at Medinah in 2012 when he holed out to win the hole in the Ryder Cup)?  How superb was that Bunker Shot of Tiger Woods, when he was leading and had found the trap?  What about Rory McIlroy’s monster eagle putt to give him a share of the lead on the final day? All great shots that they will have drawn on previous experience and used to create future memories.

Finally, a big well done to Italy’s first Major Winner, Francesco Molinari for a superb round of golf. He stuck to his task, followed his process and playing with Woods, perhaps even drew on some memories from Medinah 2012, when he beat Woods in the singles?

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Gary Boyes & David Tingey

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Tandridge Golf Club, Surrey.