Enjoy the festivities AND your winter golf!

Enjoy the festivities AND your winter golf!

As we've said before, the winter months can be a great opportunity to improve your golf… and oh how the weather has suddenly changed over the few weeks!  So have you got your winter golf plans in place?  Most people start that plan on a daily basis by peering out of the curtains!  Seriously, we just have to accept that there will be days that you just cannot get out on the course due to frost, fog, snow or rain, however, this doesn’t stop us from making good plans for our future golf.  

Attendees of The Mind Zone Masterclass (November 2018)

Review the different areas of the game such as shot techniques, equipment, the mental game and fitness.  Be realistic in what you can work on & seek advice from experts in each particular field, it really is about focussing on where you will make gains.

The Driving Range

To get the benefit of time spent at the range it's key to 'practise properly' and not to just 'beat balls'!  (We do know some folk use a bucket of balls, whacked solidly into the ether, for stress relief, and that may well work for stress, but it won’t necessarily hone your game of golf)! 

Identify your weaker areas and work on these.  We are all good at practising things we're already good at!  (Just think about that for a while!)

Split your practise into three sections of the same duration i.e. A 45 minute session can be split into 3 x 15 minute sessions. The benefit of this means that you will give each area adequate time and focus.

1. Master the mechanics - with advice from a PGA professional improve not just your swing but the short game mechanics too. Focus your attention on set-up, alignment & strike.  Those that have been on Mind Zone Sessions with us will know that we FULLY endorse visiting and having lessons with your local PGA Pro… you cannot JUST think that you’ll hit a great shot (though it does help)!

2. Shot repertoire - Work on developing more shots - e.g. Punch, recovery, shaping & pitching distance control.  If you consistently hit a shot a certain way, why not start experimenting at the range hitting it the opposite way?  Punching a shot into a headwind on the range should give you huge confidence when you’re faced with that on the course.

3. Play golf! - use your imagination, visualise and play a number of holes from courses you have played previously.  The majority of driving ranges have targets boards or flags which you can use to ‘play the hole’. Remember though, you can’t have ‘another go’!  Use only one chance per shot - there’s far more consequence that way, which in reality, is exactly how it is on the golf course when you’re playing! 

4. Buddy practise!  Why not take a friend to your practise session and then have mini competitions?  Pick a target and then closest wins (remember again, only one chance)!  This can have many benefits, but obvious ones are that there is more consequence to each shot and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to compete with their mate and win!  Therefore, it adds an element of competitive pressure to the scenario.

When playing golf, always take into consideration the conditions and the effect those conditions have on your shots.

Courses can play tougher during the winter so be kind to yourself with regard to scores.  Enjoy your golf this winter and emerge in the Spring of 2019 a better player!

GB from the Mind Zone and Chris Stone, enjoying the Halfway Hut at New Zealand Golf Club. December 2018

Should you require advice of contacts for mechanics, equipment, mental game or fitness please contact us at The Mind Zone.  Drop us a line and we’ll add you to our newsletter distribution, so you can be sure you’ll never miss an upcoming Mind Zone event.

Finally, congratulations to Jay Shubrati.  Jay came on the recent Mind Zone Masterclass, held at Bentley Golf Club, and then promptly went out five days later and won his Christmas society meet.  Very well done, especially as he used many of the techniques we discussed during the day. Just what is possible?

Jay Shubrati with the winners prize and trophy at New Zealand Club, Surrey.

Have a great festive period, let’s hope the elements are kind to us and we’ll see you in 2019!

Gary & David


Winter sunshine over Hankley Common, Surrey.