A Fresh Start – Are You Committed?

It's amazing that we are already two months into 2019, and what great golfing weather we have had so far! Happy 2019 from The Mind Zone. 

What targets have you set yourself for this coming year and the golfing season?  There’s something about a fresh start, isn’t there? Like that new exercise book that you got at school and wrote so so neatly in… for the first few pages! Or the New Year resolution, for whatever you were attempting, that was so good for two or three days?! 

Tom Boyes, who has attended many Mind Zone sessions, showing his Winter Golf Commitment

A new golf season must mean only one thing; Commitment to improve!  Whether that be your driving, fairway shots, chipping or indeed putting (and now with a new dilemma of deciding to leave the flag stick in or not).  But how committed are you to improve?

I’ve lost count of the number of golfers who have said to me over the past year ‘I really must come along to a Mind Zone session’ and then never quite make it, as something else always crops up, yet you continue to see them on the course struggling and beating themselves up regarding their game.  Yet where is the commitment to improve?  

We can have great days at golf, we can have average days; occasionally we throw in a stinker of a round and start soul-searching as to where that came from.  It’s golf! As Dr. Bob once said, ‘Golf is not a game of perfect’!  But if you are to improve, then you must show commitment to the cause. 

The wonderful first tee at Worplesdon Golf Club, Surrey.

So if you do nothing else over the next few months, then show yourself some commitment to gain more consistency.  Contact me here at The Mind Zone for some easy tips as to how you can do just that. 

I’m always delighted to hear from attendees of Mind Zone sessions and Mind Zone Masterclasses and generally they are informing me of how well their last round of golf was, how they’ve used a certain tip or mind technique to produce some stunning results, with more wins, more trophies and more cash taken out of the swindle pot than they put in!  On a personal level, I also had my best round of 2018, between Christmas and New Year and as one of my playing partners said, ‘You just know when it’s your day’! What he meant by that remark was one particular hole, a par 4, dog-leg left, that I happened to have leaked a drive to the right of the fairway.  Sadly my second found the pond guarding the green, so once I’d recovered the ball and taken a drop (from shoulder height… it was still 2018!), I had 44 yards to the hole.  With a gap wedge in hand, the ball was dispatched, hitting the green and rolling towards the hole, and rolling until it hit the pin and dropped.  Walking away with another par, you can imagine the congratulatory banter (or the cries of ‘How lucky are you), …but I was aiming for the hole! With just two dropped shots and four birdies, it was nice to finish the year with a two under par gross! 

The sun sets on a great 2018 of golfing memories. Many more to be made in this coming year.

What’s stopping YOU having your very BEST round of golf, the next time you play?

Finally, Club Captain’s, Club Managers, Leslie Wood, Jubilee Cup, Norman Plum and Thornton Cup Squads, Ladies Gold, Silver and Bronze matches;  Why not give yourself the best possible chance of success this year by hosting a Mind Zone session at your club?  There are so many benefits to golfers, members, clubs and teams, that all it takes is that word again, commitment.  Drop me a line at The Mind Zone for full details of how The Mind Zone sessions can benefit you.