How good is your golf game?

It's nearly a week since Golf Courses opened up with restrictions following the Covid19 Lockdown.

Have you managed to get out and play golf?

How did it feel to be striding down that fairway once more?

I've managed to get out and over the weekend did 45 holes! Some would say that's just pure greed but most enjoyable it was too.

Big differences since I played back in March were how far the ball was travelling.  Both in the air AND with the dry conditions the increased run. It's also very nice to be able to play in shorts and a polo!

Those that have attended Mind Zone sessions will know that I always encourage golfers to recall and focus golf shots.  WRITE DOWN the three BEST shots from your round. This is for many reasons but one HUGE reason is that it will build up a MEMORY BANK of good shots! How many times do you hear golfers in the clubhouse (back in the day!) talking, almost bragging sometimes, about their poor shots?  The slice they put in the pond, the hook they carved out of bounds etc! Seriously, what do you think will be running through their subconscious mind let alone their conscious mind the next time they are playing a similar shot.

So here you go... my three best shots from the weekend in no particular order... Do let me know yours!

1. An approach on the 1st hole to leave a birdie putt. Struck with a 9 iron, it just felt great when it left the club and even took a hop towards the hole.

2. A near Ace for what would have been my third on the 12th hole, my playing partner even gave me the putt (how generous)!

3. A lovely drive down the 16th making full use of the run to leave an 8 iron to the green, over the pond.

EVERY time you play ALWAYS write down your three best or most memorable shots.

A 'big up' to the immense Greenkeepers that have kept our courses in safe hands pending our return.  Many of them working alone to keep costs down during lockdown.  Repair your pitchforks and replace divots... it's the least we can do for them AND our golf!

Finally, enjoy your golf out there, stick to the guidelines and stay safe.  Of course, however you play appreciate your surroundings and every moment.

For those that want to know a little about other matters I've been getting up to during lockdown, take a look at this podcast or view on YouTube.