Have You Dealt With The Masters?

Have you dealt with The Masters?

A Unique Course. Augusta National

We love The Masters! To us here at The Mind Zone, it kick-starts the golfing season, it probably has the same effect on you?  Yes, it’s the first major every year. It is a truly unbelievable course. Doubtless, it always has twists and turns. But what of this year, and furthermore, what will you remember most about the 2018 Masters?

Well if we asked you to name 4 memorable moments, how many would, possibly, include the following?

  • Sergio’s 13 shots on the 15th?
  • Mickleson’s airshot!
  • McIlroy missing putts on the final day?
  • McIlroy not getting across the line?

It’s a curious fact that more people will remember those moments more than the following, for many reasons:-

  • Charley Hoffman’s hole in one on the 16th
  • Jordan Spieth and Tommy Fleetwood both carding 5 Birdies in a row
  • The two eagles for Reed on moving day to give him a lead going into the final day
  • Patrick Reeds’ solid final round

Similarly, when we come into the clubhouse after a round of golf, how many of us reminisce about our bad shots than our great ones? In fact, not only do we tend to tell everyone, we positively seem to repeat it to everyone that will listen! Now, is that a useful state of mind to be in, and how, maybe, could that effect your next round?

The more you focus your attention on something, the more you build neural pathways in your mind until you can, possibly, do these things without much thought! Now, if you continually stand on a tee with a pond in front of you, and focus your attention on hitting your ball into that pond, and, going further, even visualising your ball making a splash… the more balls you will put into that pond!  Build GOOD neural pathways by recalling GOOD shots and visualising what you want the ball to do, as opposed the opposite. We discuss this topic at length during our Mind Zone Masterclass, so watch out for a forthcoming date at a club near you. 

Patrick Reed. Masters Champion 2018

Back to The Masters and the fact remains that there was some fantastic golf played! However, we couldn’t help thinking, there wasn’t the drama and fairytale of the outsider, Danny Willett winning in 2016 or the turbulent final round between Sergio & Justin in 2017, culminating in the former picking up his first Major. Yet we say 'hats off' to Patrick Reed; over the 72 holes he shot the lowest score and goes on to be a worthy Champion. 

As huge fans of Rory, we watched with hope that he could complete the Grand Slam and join that incredibly elite group of golfing legends… but it was not to be, this year.  What was our take on the final pairing on the final day, in hindsight? Well after both players hit very nervy tee shots on the first, the luck was clearly with Rory as he found a gap in the trees and made par. 

The 2nd hole… this ended up, quite possibly, a turning point. After hitting a stunning second shot on the par 5, with the ball filtering down to the hole, leaving just a four foot putt, Rory missed it to the right. With Reed having to settle for par, an eagle would have given Rory a share of the lead. After that, there were far too many putts that missed the hole on the right. For three days Rory had sunk putts at will, from every distance and looked likely to have continued his form from his recent win at Bay Hill. 

Rory McIlroy

Fact: You do not become a poor putter overnight!

You will have all been on the golf course, have missed a putt early on and for the rest of the round, tried to nurse the ball into the hole. Trust yourself, trust your putting stroke and never second-guess what you ‘think’ the ball may do! Simply go through your process.  Stroke the ball into the hole.  Create images in your mind of the ball dropping.

Again, for more information about the techniques that you currently have and CAN USE… simply contact us or attend a Mind Zone Masterclass.

Well played Patrick Reed … and we are still VERY confident that Rory WILL complete the Grand Slam, sooner rather than later.