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Delighted to have spoken to Joe Orbaczewski last week to make the following podcast!



Over to Joe....

This week we have a great guest on The Healthy Golf Podcast. This week's guest is Gary Boyes. Gary is a mind coach and is the owner of The Mind Zone. Gary has developed some of his mind coaching techniques from the great Karl Morris. Gary works primarily with golfers, amateur to professional, on helping them overcome mental roadblocks and make the game of golf much more enjoyable.

Some of the highlights from the episode include:

  • Developing a process for all of your shots/putts
  • Proper practice at the range
  • How to deal with pressure on the course
  • Use of breathing to help relax your nerves

And much more...

Please give Gary at The Mind Zone a follow at the links below. I know for a fact that he has so much more to share and has great techniques that he hasn't shared on this week's show.


Website: The Mind Zone


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