Just be Positive and play great golf… maybe?

Just be positive!  

Oh how we love those words, as we’ve just stuck a ball into the pond or missed that 2 foot putt.

The words usually uttered by your playing partner who is sitting on the green with a birdie putt of 6 inches!  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve turned up on a course, wearing a Mind Zone top and golfers say ‘Ah, yes, it’s all about being positive’.  Well I have news for you, it’s not. 

In fact, being ‘positive’ can have a massively detrimental effect on your game of golf.

That doesn’t mean we go to the polar opposite of thinking negatively and I certainly don’t subscribe to some people’s view of ‘Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed’.  I expect everything!

Think about this.  Have you ever been on the range before a competition and seem to strike every ball beautifully?  You have a quick practise on the chipping green and leave nothing more than a few inches from the hole.  Walking to the first tee you could not feel more confident, you’ve prepared well and your ‘positive mind’ is fully topped up. 

You stand on the first tee, all you can see is a huge, wide fairway stretched out in front of you. Life is good and today could just be your day.  A practise swing on the tee and you step up to the ball… a smooth backswing… and you promptly snap hook your ball into the hazard! 

Tell me now what happens to your ‘positive mind’?  Well generally, your mind scrambles, you can’t believe where that one came from and you have possibly noticed you start to try even harder, taking on shots that even the late great Seve would probably baulk at! 

So if I’m not recommending a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ mindset, what is left?  Just think about being in ‘NEUTRAL’.  Being in ‘neutral’ is a great ‘state’ for your mind to be in.  Your   emotions are far easier to control.  It allows you to simply go and play golf without putting undue pressure on yourself. To get an idea of what a neutral mind feels like, just imagine going through your process.  Pick a target line, commit to the stroke and be in total control of your breathing.  It’s a place where you have no concept of fear.  You know that whatever the outcome of the shot, you have the tenacity to deal with it.

Develop a robust process (that works for you) and stick to that process.  If you are struggling to develop a process then let me help you.  Will it ALWAYS work? Well there are a huge amount of factors, many external, that can influence your golf shot.  But with a process that will promote your ‘neutral mind’ then if you can save three, four or five shots on a round.  Think what a difference that will make?


Remember, the only ‘pressure’ you have to deal with in the golf course is the pressure that you put on yourself. 

If you would like to know more about attaining that ‘neutral state’ simply drop me a line.  The next time you play golf simply go and enjoy, shot by shot and maybe surprise yourself with your score.