Make Success Habit Forming and stay in The Mind Zone

Make Success Habit Forming and stay in The Mind Zone.

They say golf is all in the MIND? Golf is difficult.  That is a fact.  The Mind and your thoughts, however, will play a huge part in your success.  A few days before a tournament, perhaps the Club Championship, we go to the range.  We even have a lesson so that we are in the best possible shape.  Many of you, the night before, will run through the course in your head?  Playing each perfect shot, having selected the right club?

Then the tee-shot on the first doesn’t go as far as you planned?  You’re going into the green with a long iron or even a wood, instead of that 8 iron, that you thought about in your head?  You miss the green (that didn’t happen in your mind, the night before either)!  A less than crisp chip and you’re staring a three-putt in the face!  Sounds familiar?

After the first hole, you put yourself under pressure.  Your mind tells you that you need to recover those shots somewhere during the next 18 or 36 holes.  How useful is that to your game of golf and enjoyment?

I’ve always been intrigued by how people react to ‘pressure’ and as some call it ‘Bounce-back-ability’.  Those Tour Pro’s who make their first Bogie and then follow it up on the next hole with a Birdie.  It’s not just confined to golf either, you only have to look at the world of football and cricket.  How much ‘pressure’ is on the penalty taker in a shoot-out, as opposed to the Goalkeeper to make the save?  The outfield player is ‘expected’ to score, therefore seems to have more pressure on them.  The keeper can become a hero, often by standing still!

Take this years World Cup Cricket, Jofra Archer had to be on top of his game in the Super Over.  I’ve just watched the third Ashes Test, with one of the greatest innings played by Ben Stokes.  Never forgetting the important role played by Jack Leach.  It was great to watch the ‘Process’ that BOTH players went through, to achieve their desired outcome. 

Back to golf however, and a tremendous end of season for one of my favourite players, Rory McIlroy.  The Fedex Tour Championship was his for the second time. Aside from Rory’s ability, that others have also, I was impressed again by his mind control.  Having walked up the same East Lake 18th with Tiger last year, having played four over, to losing out to Koepka only a month ago in the WGC St. Jude, with Rory not getting out of the starting blocks and Brooks carding a 65 final round, there could be some unwelcome memories, going into the final round at East Lake in 2019.  He coped fantastically well and put immense pressure on Brooks, playing the final 9 holes. 

Again, ability, tenacity, and I will add here, process, patience and mindset ensured he was victorious.

Having been involved with many players over the past months on a 1-2-1 basis to improve their game, why not try this for yourself?  For those that follow my social media, you’ll also know I am looking for a venue to host a Mind Zone evening later this year. If you have the perfect venue, I'd welcome a communication.

Enjoy your golf!