The Mind Zone brings even more success!

I am absolutely delighted to have received an email from Kevin Naylor.  Being an 8 handicapper, of course, he can play good golf!  He had attended The Mind Zone evening sessions and The Mind Zone Masterclass in the past year because he wanted to improve further.  I have spent time with Kevin, on a one to one basis in addition, and clearly, he is committed to improvement.

Just a couple of weeks later, having worked on process on the course, Kevin and his playing partner picked up the spoils!

Look forward to working with you again Kevin.

I Played in a competition yesterday ‘beat the head pro & club captain', 4 ball betterball bogey. My partner and I were plus 14 at the end and we won on countback. Overall I was 2 over par, even if we were helped due to winter tees and greens. We played very well and I went through my process on most shots, which led to consistency.
Thanks for your help.