How important is momentum when you’re playing golf? Cast your mind back almost 4 months to The Open, at Royal Troon and that scintillating showdown between Henrik Stenson & Phil Mickelson. The 145th Open will go down in history as one of the greatest final rounds, even Jack Nicklaus said at the time it was better than his epic battle, The Duel in the Sun in 1977, but what was it that drove two seasoned professionals, both in their 40’s to finish 11 and 14 shots ahead of 3rd place?

Well most of the field after the 3rd round had decided that it would be a two-horse race, and with Mickelson only one shot off the pace at the start of the final round, he had a tap-in birdie to level the scores, instigating a 17 hole shoot-out with Stenson! It was hard to not be captivated by the extreme brilliance of both players, both certainly ‘In the moment’ and focussing not on what they would need to shoot, but simply their next shot. Brilliant golf, and here at The Mind Zone, demonstrated beautifully the subject of momentum, each playing pulling the other along in the slip-stream.

You may recall a game of golf that YOU have played, where one shot CHANGED your game? It’s certainly happened to us, and possibly EVERY golfer in the land!

Momentum… all it takes is ONE shot!