Against All Odds with The Mind Zone

Against All Odds! Do you play golf in that way?  You know, some days you don't strike the ball brilliantly, yet score well. Another day, you're a Tour Pro, yet just can't get a score running?

As the summer season drifts into autumn, and winter, has your golf been the best?  A great season or one that you will improve on next year?  Have you ‘dealt’ with your golf this year?  By that, I mean, actually applied yourself for the WHOLE round?

Many of us, perhaps yourself included, can get into a situation where we have a couple of difficult holes in a round.  We then subsequently ‘give up’ for the rest of the round?  I’ve talked about MOMENTUM in a round of golf many times before, and it can certainly work FOR you (as well as against)!  Just because you’ve missed a couple of putts, doesn’t mean the next one will be missed.  Just because you have duffed a few chips, what’s to say the next one won’t go straight in the hole?  

Three events I want to focus on in this article, two that you’ll have heard of, one that you haven’t.

Those that watched the Solheim Cup are maybe, still amazed that Europe pulled off a victory?  The final few holes, the scores reasonably level, there was far too much red on the remaining matches for a European win.  A point here and a point there, over the closing holes meant that with a successful final putt, Suzann Pettersen would achieve a European victory.  The rest is history.  It would have been easy for the whole team to resign themselves to the fact, 20 minutes earlier, that the American team would win.

Closer to home, I spent time at Wentworth for the BMW PGA Championship.  Absolutely delighted that former Masters Champion, Danny Willett captured the trophy, his first victory on home soil.  Level at the start of the final round with Jon Rahm, he didn’t have it all plain sailing.  At the 11th he took four shots to reach the green, having encountered trees, heather and sand.  Yet he rolled the putt in for a bogey (which felt like a Birdie I’m sure)!  Having a two shot lead cut to just one and Rahm breathing down his neck, it was still refreshing to see Willett laughing and chatting with his caddy.  Remember, you can only control what you do.   It is a fact that you swing and play much better when you are relaxed.  Anxiety and anger are a recipe for disaster.  

Finally, I want to relay another story of never giving up.   (Although this one wasn’t televised or came anywhere near the prize money that Willett received)!  Playing a matchplay format at Woking Golf Club recently, I found myself 6 down standing on the 11th tee.

Wanting to ‘avoid the dog licence’ I applied some key principles of The Mind Zone, and drew level after the 16th.  A cheeky par win on the 17th and a par for us both on the 18th meant a victory.  As we shook hands, he just said ‘I don’t know how you did that’… at which point I handed him a Mind Zone card!  But seriously, I don’t recount this story to show off or impress you, however, if you stick to the task in hand, then anything is possible.

Finally, major congratulations to a very good friend of mine and Captain of Woolston Manor Golf Club, Marc Gauci... Leading his team to a fine victory in the 2019 Norman Plum Trophy at Frinton Golf Club. Well played all and well done for keeping in The Mind Zone!

For those that follow my social media, you’ll also know I am searching for a venue to host a Mind Zone evening later this year. Do you have that venue?  If so, please drop me a line. 

Enjoy your golf!