The Power of the Mind Zone!

Here's a screen shot sent to us recently.  In fact it was sent, just 6 days after The Mind Zone, Play Your Best Golf Session at Bentley Golf Club.

Interestingly enough (but not surprising to us), can you guess which two golfers attended the Mind Zone session?

Here's a Tweet that we received from Darren Tredgett...

Very well played, Darren, and we're delighted that some of the techniques and tips have been evidenced.

Within a few hours, Adam Elwell, sent an email, as follows:-

I attended your Mind Zone session last week and it has produced instant results. I won the monthly medal less than a week later. I've recently started lessons with David Tingey, so my swing was improving, but the session helped me to 'stay in the present' by re-setting every three holes and not putting myself under pressure.  Many thanks to both of you and I will definitely be attending the next full day session.

Thanks Adam and congratulations on your win.

We're rather proud, here at The Mind Zone, that two attendees have taken the top two places!

Further feedback received was from Geoff Rout....

I was once a 9 handicapper, but then I met Gary & David who gave a talk one evening, on mindset and how you can think your way to success.

So let me first say, I was a slightly sceptical, non-believer, but I listened. I thought about it and then decided to put the technique into practise to improve my golf handicap. The 'Oh so simple' technique was to stop, take time and think about the next shot.  The method, surprisingly, was to take a couple of bananas or nuts and a bottle of water with you when playing. You then, simply, stop and take a bite from the banana and a sip of water at frequent intervals.  This does two things.  It slows you down and gives you time to gather your thoughts and secondly, drip feeds energy and hydration.

The result really surprised me, but it shouldn't have.  Within two weeks my handicap had dropped to 7. Job done! Now I will have to stay focussed and ensure I can reduce it further.  

If YOU want to take action and start NOW to improve your game, why not attend the next Mind Zone Masterclass, being held at Bentley Golf Club, Essex, on Friday 30th November 2018.

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