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Resting on your Laurels or back in The Mind Zone?

With an amazing summer nearing its end, all the golfing Majors out of the way and The Ryder Cup to look forward to, here at The Mind Zone we’ve been reflecting.  We've looked at performances, successes and improvements of golfers who have spent time with us this year so far.

We’ve had team victories, both mens and ladies teams, individual success, Club Champions in Essex and Suffolk, medals, cup wins and handicap reductions - so a good year, it must be said!

Who doesn't love to pick up trophies?

So what do we offer at The Mind Zone?

Whether you are a seasoned golfer, a beginner to the game or just want better results, regardless of your current handicap or age, here at The Mind Zone we can help you.  We will help you with your thought process, before the game, during and of course after the game to give you the best possible chance of a great round!  Yes, you will have to apply the tips and techniques, and please make good use of your PGA Teaching Professional, to assist with the technical side of your game, but however you currently swing the clubs, our results have meant on average, 3 or 4 or 5 shots per round can easily be saved… Quite literally that can be the difference between being in the running, being close to winning, being in the ‘buffer zone’ to ACTUALLY winning!  How good would that be?

A Mind Zone Session in full force!

Speaking with one victorious Mind Zoner recently they said ‘It’s amazing how months after my Mind Zone experience the ideas from it are still being used in my game, gradually improving my consistency and I have enjoyed my best season ever and my most enjoyable’.

Another, who this year recorded their first ever club competition victory, has told us ‘I knew I was playing well, yet I just followed the advice you gave me, and looking back, the last four holes were the best I could have hoped for.  Most times when I’m playing well and realise I could win, I put pressure on myself and have a bad finish, not this time’!

Even with success in many areas, we at The Mind Zone always want to improve our courses and knowledge with a view to improving ‘your’ golf and enjoyment of the game.  We’ve spent a lot of this summer on the course, with golfers of every age and ability, improving their game, so why not yours?

We are finalising details of both an open Mind Zone evening session and a Mind Zone Masterclass, both to be held over the next few months. Spaces will be limited, so do book early and for more information drop us a line, check out our website or follow us on social media. 

Ian Poulter at Medinah 2012

On a personal note, we're delighted to see Ian Poulter picked as a Wild Card by Captain Bjorn... Poulter, a player that  will use many techniques of the mind, and infecting others with his energy and enthusiasm. 

Enjoy the Ryder Cup and of course, enjoy your own golf! Gary Boyes & David Tingey

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