If you are a Teaching Pro then you MUST read this or RISK a lot!

Can you as a PGA Teaching Pro start coaching again?

Following Boris’s announcements earlier this week and the opening up of Golf Courses in England I have seen an increase in social media posts from PGA Pro’s asking whether they can start coaching again.

The PGA have issued some very good guidelines on their website, but remember they are ONLY GUIDELINES.  You can read them here... https://www.pga.info/covid-19-resource-hub/covid-19-and-coaching/

  • Many Teaching Pro’s work on a SELF EMPLOYED basis.
  • You WILL (or certainly should) have Public Liability Insurance.
  • Many of you will have job specific insurance.

But how will YOUR insurance stack up should you need to make a claim during these times… and  what more can you do to protect YOURSELF and your golfers and clients?

Aside from the Government Guidelines AND the PGA Guidelines issued to keep you and everyone as safe as possible consider the fact that guidelines are not LAW!  What is law, however, is the HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 which affords your golfing clients (and others) a DUTY OF CARE from you. 

How do you maintain and demonstrate a duty of care? Carry out a suitable & sufficient Risk Assessment!

(Incidentally, you SHOULD have been doing this as a routine BEFORE this pandemic)!

For further information and a way that I can help you simply drop me a line. 

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