And you think you can putt?!

The conclusion to the 2020 BMW Championship from Olympia Fields, provided another incredible finish with a putting masterclass from Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm.

Favourite going into the last round, Dustin Johnson bogeyed the 8th and 10th and conceded the lead to youngster Joaquin Niemann, but Rahm steadily worked his way through the course, under the radar almost, to post a closing 64 and become clubhouse leader.

Having signed for his card, Rahm then took to the range, in the unlikely event of a play off.

Johnson on the 18th, needed a birdie to tie, left his second on the green but 45 foot away and with a double breaking putt, seemed unlikely to force a play off. But what do we know?!  The putt snaked its way into the hole and even Rahm on the range could hear the cheers, even though the crowd was made up of media, stewards and officials!

Take a look at the putt here....

This forced the play off and given Jon Rahm's slip up in the third round (he picked up the ball on the green without marking it) that cost him a penalty shot, you just wonder if that was now playing on his mind?

1st play off hole and Rahm's drive finds the rough.  Johnson sends a ball right, into the trees but gets a fortunate bounce back onto the fairway but a long way back.

He finds the heart of the green with his approach (sensible, given Rahm is in rough) and is doubtless thinking a two putt par would be enough (at worst a half).

Up steps Rahm with his second, though coming out the rough he ends up on the green, but on the top tier and 66 foot away.

The rest, as they say is history... and you can watch Rahm's incredible putt here...

Now, what is stopping you from nailing long range putts on the green, the next time you play?

Wise words from Doctor Bob!

Just stop and consider what was going through DJ's mind on the 72nd hole and through Rahm's on the first play off.  Johnson HAD to make the putt to keep the match alive... Rahm, in fairness was looking at making a par, in all likeliness, requiring a second play off hole.

  • Keep your emotions in check.
  • Control your breathing.
  • Stick to your process.
  • Commit to the hit!

Just watch both DJ and Rahm and you'll agree, they do all of these things.  If YOU want to get even better, more consistent as a golfer, hole more putts... contact The Mind Zone now.