What, No Golf?

A couple of days later than anticipated, but here's a collaboration from a good friend of mine, Sarah Smith, a successful PGA pro, in terms of golf 'training' during lockdown.

You can of course use this, whilst on lockdown... it works!

From Sarah:

Today's Lockdown Video is a bit of a story from my golfing past! Throughout my adventures of being a Golf Professional, I was lucky enough to meet Gary Boyes, a golf psychologist from The Mind Zone & today, he's put a very special video together to remind you how something as simple as 'looking up' can really change your mindset both on the course and throughout life (something we may all need right now).

I've used this throughout the past year whilst playing in events and it's definitely been noticed.

Just remember there are two changes we can make to our state as a Human, our physiology and our psychology.