Who will be in the Mind Zone at The Open?

So with just a couple of weeks to go until the 148th Open Championship at Portrush, Northern Ireland, how many of you have placed bets?  Currently I can get 8/1 on Rory and Brooks, 12/1 on DJ and Tiger!  Really though, even though we can look at form and those players that have history in big tournaments, we really are just guessing.  Perhaps we’d be better pulling out 6 names form a hat and backing those?  Incidentally, some of this guesswork started last year after the last Open!  How does that relate to the golf that we play?  Well, if you want to play your best golf, take out the guesswork and forecasting.  Simply just play, one shot at a time.


I’ve had the fortune to play some wonderful courses over the past month or so, but wherever I play, I often hear the same talk on the course....

‘I’ve a great score, I just need to par in’,

‘The last two holes, I should be able to birdie’,

‘I’ve been putting really well, I reckon I can compete today’!

Of course, this all sends signals to our mind of expectation and hope. In essence, we are predicting the future.  Clearly, we have been programmed to do this over the years, and every golf interview you see on TV, generally starts with asking the leaders ‘What do you need to shoot to win the tournament’?  Putting a figure on it, 3 under, 5 under or whatever, puts unnecessary pressure on the player, even at a sub-conscious level, which is neither productive or useful.

When you play golf, you KNOW if you are playing well.  Yet, when your partner congratulates you after the front nine and declares you have 22 points already, that puts pressure on you (if you let it), to have a great back nine. Blob a hole, around the 12th or 13th and the wheels can start to fall off!  Adversely, when you’ve scored maybe 14 points on the front nine and consider yourself to be out of contention, how many times do you have an amazing back nine?  Perhaps because you’ve not concerned yourself with your score, but have just ‘played golf’?

So this months Mind Zone tip, is a simple one.  Forget the score, and just play golf, one shot at a time.

Add up the score at the end, and you may surprise yourself over a number of rounds, that your game and success will improve. 

Enjoy the final major of the year, and your own golf too.

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