Will you take The Mind Zone opportunity?

The weather has finally turned for the year, with a few frosts and plenty of rain.  I’m fresh back from 18 holes, completed as a two ball in just under three hours.  It’s so great to get out in these winter months!  Let's be honest, a brisk walk and round of golf will keep that swing going until the warmer months.

Many of you will have new golf equipment and clothing on your Christmas list.  Some of you will have requested lessons with your local teaching pro?  The question is, will you make a commitment to yourself to take some action and improve your game next season?

Let me reflect on the past year, as it’s been a very satisfying year, golf-wise.  A look through the notebook that I record my three best shots each round, is pleasing.  It reads as if I should be on the PGA or European Tour!  Chip-ins, holed bunker shots, 40 foot putts, and even a hole in one.  The benefit of this? Well I’ll always reminisce over the great shots than the ones that didn’t go to plan.  Re-living great moments builds confidence and momentum… the alternative thought process is not useful at all (so why give it thought space)?

I have held Mind Zone workshops during this past year and worked individually with clients.  I love hearing of their success stories.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and with dedicated commitment and practice, many of the tools I have spoken about this past year, are now reaping rewards for those using them.  

Sticking to a process, playing the Reset Six, dealing with the game of consequence all help.  Of course, good self talk, will always benefit your golfing ability and ultimately your enjoyment too.

I’ve spoken to many of the incoming Captain’s from various clubs in the past few weeks, and look forward to working with you in the New Year.  If we haven’t yet spoken and you’re a Captain or GM of a Golf Club, then drop me a line.  If you are a Club captain that wants to raise money for charity, then a Mind Zone evening, for instance will be for you.

Because we always want to improve in whatever we do, we must gain more knowledge and skill.  That will come from a variety of ‘experts’, social media, books, etc. however, never be too proud to take advice and have a go.  I am always attempting to pick up tips to improve my golf and playing a game recently, an opportunity to improve came along.  A former Captain and single figure handicapper who has won a multitude of Club Championships and Competitions over the years, shared a couple of tips, that I have now put into practice with success.  He’s attended a couple of Mind Zone sessions, and so is well aware of what I do.  He even asked me, ‘Do you mind me giving a couple of tips’?  Naturally, I readily took them!

Try something, persevere, as it will, with effort, work for you.  Do what works… and then do some more and do it again! 

Have a happy and healthy Christmas, and I will look forward to meeting you on a Mind Zone session in 2020.