The Mind Zone was created to give golf enthusiasts, whether they are professionals, amateurs, club or society golfers or just simply playing for fun... the EDGE!
Our workshops are based on many proven methods, including the pioneering work carried out by Dr Karl Morris and Dr Bob Rotella, among others and of course our own playing and training experiences.
Look out for our mind coaching sessions, held at a golf club near you, or our one-day workshop. One-to-one sessions are also available.

If you are a Golf Club Professional or Manager, why not put on a Mind Zone evening for your members? It really is very simple, ask us how!

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Why Choose Us?

Here at The Mind Zone, we have PROVEN tools and techniques, developed over many years, using a combination of our own experiences and that of proven industry experts. These techniques are used by major-winning tour players!
The Mind Zone workshops will provide you with SERIOUS ways to maintain your CONCENTRATION throughout the WHOLE round, not just the first few holes. How many times have you started a round, full of optimism and CONFIDENCE, hit ONE bad shot and your concentration and confidence is destroyed? Learn how to put a stop to this.
Now you may not be a ‘club-chucker’, but how annoying is it to have missed that short putt? The Mind Zone will help you MAINTAIN your ATTENTION, enabling you to have a calm mind, however you are playing.
We can all hit the odd WONDERFUL shot, but the more successful golfers hit MORE! Learn how to IMPROVE your consistency, enabling you to ACHIEVE even lower scores than you thought possible.
We thoroughly recommend lessons with your local or club PGA Pro when it comes to swing techniques, THEY are the experts! But with your current swing, here at The Mind Zone, we are CONFIDENT that we can IMPROVE your game. hugely, just by enhancing your MINDSET.
How much do you INVEST in clubs, balls, golf-wear, lessons, society days, membership, range balls? When was the last time you invested in the common denominator in all of this… YOU? Here at The Mind Zone, we are dedicated to ensuring YOU become the best you can be… surely you owe it to yourself?
Whilst The Mind Zone is dedicated to your golf game, clearly all of the benefits detailed on this website can be used in other sports and of course, BUSINESS. If you are looking to MAXIMISE your POTENTIAL in whatever you do, contact us and we’d be happy to help you ACHIEVE.

Our Team

  • Gary Boyes
    Gary is a keen amateur golfer, with a single figure handicap, and has played golf throughout the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa. Having worked in the training environment for 20 years he noticed the direct correlation between the ‘powerful mind’ and ‘achieving success’. He is a qualified Mind Factor…
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