Play your BEST golf yet!

This fun, interactive and entertaining session has been designed to be run in your own golf club and focusses on YOU making your next round of golf, the BEST you have played. Learn about some of the PROVEN techniques that major-winning tour players use, to give them an edge and ultimately the RESULT they are striving for.

In this session you will:

  • Define what golfing SUCCESS means to you
  • Discover how to practise with MAXIMUM effect
  • Learn how to ‘stay in the MOMENT’ when playing golf. A term that is used frequently by commentators and this workshop will help you achieve just that
  • Use techniques that EVERYONE can do, regardless of ability, to get BETTER results
  • Learn how to CONTROL your thoughts
  • Transfer your practice into PLAYING
  • DISCOVER how all of these techniques will BENEFIT your hobby, career and life