Are you just ‘Wishing’ your golf improves?

If you don't want to improve your game of golf, keep aimlessly scrolling!

Quite simply, to make improvements you MUST work at your game,




The Pros Have A Team, Why Don't You?
Who is on the golf pro's team?

Golf/Swing Coach, Caddy, Medical Professional, Fitness Professional, Mind Coach, Nutritionist, and the list could go on..


You MIGHT have a swing coach/golf pro that you work with at least 1x/week at best

Now YOU can have your own team to get you ready to have your best golf season yet!

The Mind Zone and Pure Drive Physio & Performance have decided to team up on this bundle to help you play your best next season

Why Did We Team Up For This Intro Bundle?

Very often the mental and physical aspects of the game are often overlooked by amateurs.  But we know how important these aspects are to your success on the course.  We want to help you play your best by getting an introduction to what it's like to experience the team approach at an affordable rate.

November Newsletter Golf Mindzone Mindset

The session with Gary consists of:

- Review of your current mental approach & expectations

- Personally profiled to ensure you have the tools to structure your "safety net" routine/process and to enable you to focus on the right areas

- A sequence of habit forming techniques designed to be applicable instantly when you next play golf

- Implement the mental skills that touring pro's are using everyday to achieve your own success

- ALL of this while using your CURRENT swing!

Joe Orbaczewski is the owner of Pure Drive Physio & Performance. Joe is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, board certified specialist in orthopaedics, strength coach, and Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Level 2 certified.

The session with Joe consists of:

- Brief review of your golf & fitness history

- Discussion about your current golf game and what you would like to achieve on the course

- Titleist Performance Institute Assessment to see how your body may be holding back your game

- Review of findings from the assessment 

- Drills to work on the biggest limitations based on your assessment

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